Your Generosity  helps us reach cities and people across the globe.

Thank you for supporting the mission of Brooklake

God is the most generous giver the world has ever known. In response, we're on a mission to make Jesus known to everyone, everywhere by creating environments where everyone is welcome, everyone can take their next best step and everyone can make a difference.

We believe God has called us to be a blessing, and we're thankful for your faithful giving because it allows the work of God to continue in our city, region and world.
Please contact our finance office ( at any time with questions about giving.
Are you looking to make a difference beyond your regular giving? Please consider joining our Legacy Team. The Legacy Team consists of people that love to give so that the Kingdom of God goes further, faster. We gather a couple times a year to hear what the Lord is saying to our leadership, and to clarify the many ways that people in our city, region and world are being blessed through our generosity. For more about the Legacy Team, please shoot us an email: