Update from pastors samy and ruth:

September 2020

“Dear Pastor Nathan and Scott!!

Greetings from Ethiopia! We hope and pray that all is well and God is at work!  We can’t wait to start our church from this Sunday…
We are so glad to give you a quick update on what’s happening here especially with Feeding and provision supplies.

Provision Supply:  On August 27, we took the chance to conduct the Gospel meeting, sharing God’s love on the final monthly provision day.  People from the local Government and media were there to encourage us and out staffs.  Our program was on local TV mentioning everyone can make a difference. We baked a special Ethiopian Bread as to show our enthusiasm, looking forward to the New Year 2013 (Ethiopian time). Along with provisions whole Bible was distributed as well for people who were very eager.  This time we added some extra white flour which would help them bake homemade local bread for their New Year and also few Ethiopian friends contributed some money, so we could buy eggs. Each family got an egg tray [30 eggs].

Supper Feeding Program:  This is an amazing and soul lifting ministry. How can we not be thankful to God who is so faithful and caring for everyone? They know we come every Mondays, they are waiting for us. Last week, almost 100 people were fed; we always come home with empty pots.

Thanks to Brooklake church and all Glory to God alone!"