Pray for:  We are in desperate need of prayer. For the past year it feels like Satan is doing everything he can to tear us down and take us away from God. The last few months have been the worst as everything that could possibly go wrong has. We are at the point where we have nothing but even so we are praying and trusting God to take care and provide. Today when we received another hit I reached my breaking point where I was just sitting in my car crying and praying for God to bring us some relief and peace. I know our faith in God is everything and having a husband who believes the same is a huge answer to prayer in itself. But right now I just want a break from the bad and just some sign that it’s going to be ok. Also continued prayer for strength to go through the bad and peace that things will soon be better and we will be able to stand on the other side and praise God and share what he’s done for us. Thank you for your prayers it means more than you know.

Pray for:  My 2-week old daughter has high levels of jaundice and is being tested for liver disease. We are still in the process of tests, ultrasounds and asking for prayer that the issues resolve itself and there will be no need for biopsies, surgery, or transplants.

Pray for:  To say our life has been a rollercoaster would be an understatement. We finally got our family friends son out of our house but not without a huge blow up. Then our daughter and grandkids who were living here left as well. She was constantly stealing from us so when we talked to her about it she packed up and left. They need so much prayer because we found out she’s back to taking pills and we figure that’s why she was stealing from us. Over a decade ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which I’ve learned to live with and hasn’t caused me any real trouble except for a bad week here and there. Now with all the stress of life it’s hit me so hard. I can barely get out of bed and as a result can’t take care of our family or our home since I can barely take care of myself. I’m in constant pain and as a result I don’t sleep because I just hurt so bad. So many other symptoms have been hitting me. It makes me so thankful for the years I didn’t even have to worry about them. Right now I just need some peace and calm and for God to help me out. I know there’s no cure but right now I would give anything for some relief from it all and get some sleep and get back to a place where I feel healthy and can be the wife and mom my family needs.

Pray for:  Please pray for my friend who is struggling with a chronic illness. She is working from home so somewhat isolated. My friend is such a good person who gives much to others. We just made plans to attend your online services Sunday! 🙏🙏🙏 Praying for her healing and strength to keep going. 
Pray for:  My husband had surgery for heart valve replacement. It didn’t go well, he has been in a medically induced coma since the 15th while his body heals.
Pray for:  I messaged a few days ago about our daughter and kids coming to live with us after leaving her abusive ex. Right now we need help for my husband and I and more important wisdom. Over the last week we’ve had $150 come up missing and she is the only one who would have been here or taken it. She’s had a history of stealing from her ex and siblings but never us. We confronted her and she lied right to our face. So right now we’re not wanting to have her leave because it’s best for her and her kids. The problem is we can’t afford to lose money. That money was for our bills so now we’re praying and trusting God will help provide. But even more important we need wisdom on how to handle the situation with her. I know God will provide and we are so thankful for that. I have health issues that are worsened by stress so needless to say this isn’t helping and I’m physically drained and in constant pain. Please just lift us up in prayer. Amen 🙏 

Pray for: Husband, Tracy had valve replacement surgery on Wednesday. His heart was in worse shape than they thought. They had to leave the rib cage open and are going in today/now to close him up. He’s only 54 we’ve only had 29 years together. Pray for healing.

Pray for: Prayers for Christ to dissolve the cronyism in the work settings so that the bad does not exploit their coworkers, and rip off their dignification. Some of the peoples have turned the toxic with which my friends feel worn out and uninspired with these things hurting their work

Pray for: My husband and I got married 3 years ago and things have been so great. We each have kids from our previous marriages. We have a 24 year old daughter who has two kids who are 2 and 5. She has been in an emotionally abusive relationship and finally is finding the strength to leave. She is struggling and is scared he will try to take their daughter from her. I’ve been through this with my first marriage and now how hard it is. We are providing her support and giving them a place to live. Right now we’re in the process of trying to make sure her and her kids are safe and I’ve reached out to the lawyer who helped me with my divorce. We just need prayer that God will help protect her and her kids. We need wisdom and God to show us what we need to do. Most of all we’re praying for peace for her and wisdom as she prepares to move forward.

Pray for: Will you please pray for my sister is pregnant her name is Maria She is having my 7 th nephew and they are moving back to Las Vegas the people making their house there and we made it back home safe and I twisted my ankle really bad when I step down on the second Step on the moret home and I fall on it and I hit really really hard on the ground pavement bad bad and I can walk on it barely and I can’t and we were in rose ark Alabama to see hour Family and see hour old Chuch and with love always from your beautiful girl Mary McDonough.????❤️💖💗💖😇

Pray for: Prayer for my brother Mark who is dying. Prayer that he will recommit his heart to Jesus Christ before he dies. He’s not expected to live more than a few days. Prayers for his two sons and his two little grandsons. Prayer for my mom who will be losing her 2nd child in her lifetime. Prayer for my older brother and I as we suffer this devastating loss.

Pray for: Praise! Thank you for praying for my unemployment claim. I was approved finally! My benefits started. Thank you Lord!
Pray for: Latest update on Mike. Walking better. Overall better. Wound healing except recently signs of growth. Going to cancer Dr. Tomorrow. Please pray for wound to totally heal, & no cancer. Thank you so much!
Pray for: in need of prayers for a couple different reasons 1) my kids (stepkids) stepmom had cancer just went into remission and suddenly passed away the day before mothers day 2) after everyone getting together that day to console my kids we ended up with a major Covid outbreak my 2 boys and daughter in law and 2 of my 4 grandbaby's and youngest is 1 got the Covid also my youngest did. Then my other kids 3 of 5 and then my other daughter in law and 3 more grandkids and then my kids mon's sister and her daughter all ended up with Covid . We have no Idea how it was contracted but we found out my grandsons teacher had Covid and the who class was infected and we think she may have contracted it well getting her treatment at the hospital . Sorry its so long but this was a long list and hard to shorten .. Thank you
Pray for: Please pray that I can feel safe to come back to church? Thank you. 
Pray for: Please pray my unemployment claim will be approved. I had to leave a bad situation & they are still taking a long time to finally get this settled. Thank you!
Pray for: Dear father : I loving u! Please put ur decision in my family. Thank you very much!

Pray for: Please pray I will get approved for my unemployment benefits. I had to leave because of a bad situation. I got a call today from an adjudicator. 48-72 hrs wait. Been waiting since January. Thanks!!

Pray for: Please pray that my heart strengthens, I’ve been in and out of the hospital for the last month and just got out yesterday after 4 days for CHF, I’ve never had problems with my heart before. I have to work full time and I also take care of my mom who has the start of dementia. Thank you!

Pray for: Quick background. 10 years ago (wow 10 years!!) my husband and kids lived in federal way and attended Brooklake. It wasn’t a good marriage and my husband was abusive. When he turned his anger on our oldest son I moved back to Canada with my kids. Since then I got divorced and God brought me to the man he had picked for me. When I left Washington I said I would never be back but God laughed and said oh really just wait. Yep my new husband is also from Washington but further north in a small town called Concrete. Three weeks ago we celebrated our three year anniversary and it’s incredible. I have a husband who loves and respects not just me but my kids. He has 5 kids and is a widower (hello Brady bunch) we only have one child left at home who will be 17 in 3 days 😳. In January our oldest son moved back home and is working on getting his life sorted out. Then a month ago we had a family friend who’s son needed a place to stay for a night. A month later and he’s still with us. We are so blessed that we can provide him a home and help him out. This is where the prayer comes in. Having two men now living with us has raised our costs but sadly our income hasn’t increased. Because of the pandemic I had to quit my job in Canada and come back to Washington. Prepandemic I was traveling back and forth to Canada for work but now I can’t. We are trusting God and know he will continue to provide for us and are so thankful for his blessing on our life. The second part is both of these guys are struggling and we can see are desperate for something. We pray for them daily and know God can do amazing things in their life. I just pray God will help open their ears and their heart to know him. We watch the Sunday service every Sunday and there have been a few times our son has watched with us. If you could please pray for them. Our sons name is Zach and our friends son is John. We are so excited to see how God will not only work in their life but continue to work in ours.

Pray for: Please pray for me. Suddenly my blood pressure is extremely high. I can't see a Dr until next week. Thank you.

Pray for: Please pray for my son Ayden who needs guidance through his addiction to video games. It has caused continual tension in our home for a couple years now and we are looking for an inexpensive teen support group. Please pray for God's love and guidance through this challenge Ayden has before him.

Pray for: Report on Mike. I thank you so much for prayers. He came home from Nursing center this Easter earlier than expected. He still has a wound pump in but is walking & will have in home care. His pain is gone! Good prognosis from Dr. yesterday. Thank you for continued prayer. Praise to God for grace & healing!!

Pray for: Appreciate prayers for my sister in laws family as their brother Will passed away on Friday.

Pray for: Please pray for Will. He is an extended family member. Is in the hospital on a ventilator with Covid. I think He is around 58 years old. Thank you!

Pray for: Please pray for my daughter (4 years old) undergoing eye surgery tomorrow on both eyes. Please pray that the lord guide her doctor, and that the recovery is smooth 
Pray for: Appreciate continued prayers for Mike who has been at hospital for 1&1/2 weeks. Has had a large infected cyst in lumbar back area, also had been anemic. He is improving. Apparently scheduled Friday to transfer for continued care for a couple of weeks at Wesley care. Pray for a total healing! Thanks,. Lori
Pray for: Thanks for all of you who have been praying for my boyfriend Mike. He is at St. Franscis again and us having surgery on a sacral cyst. Please pray that all goes well, & also that CT scan shows no cancer has spread. He has had kidney cancer. Thanks so much!! Lori
Pray for: My wife Kate Bell (DeLorenzo), are trying to move back to the 253. I have a job offer in the area, but housing is much more expensive than it was when we left. Praying for God to provide affordable housing and open the doors needed if it is his will for us to return. Thank you. 
Pray for: Please pray for my cousins little baby Ember. She was born with Trisomy 18 and a heart defect. She is having more trouble breathing and they have to put her on oxygen. Pray her little body is able to stay strong. Prayers also for her family as they go through this trying time. Thank you so much ♥️ Michelle Chopra
Pray for: Please pray for my sister she lost her son a couple weeks ago to an accidental overdose. He was just released from prison after eight years 48 hours later he was dead. She didn’t get to see him before his death and is struggling in her grief She is a true life long disciple. She has health issues of her own and has had to make a few visits to the ER. Please pray to lift her up and know that she is loved and he is with Jesus. Amen 
Pray for: Praise for Mike getting through the internal bleeding issue. He was out & home just 2 days later. Feeling much better. Walking better. Tonight said his back was in pain. Please appreciate prayers for me for strength, financial blessing & unemployment benefits to be approved. My job ended recently. Thanks. Lori
Pray for: Thank you for prayers for my boyfriend Mike After radiation He appears be cancer free. He has had a back problem and right hip pain Waiting for x-ray results & going to physical therapy Fri. Asking for continued healing. Thanks so much!
Pray for: Praise report: in December I asked for prayer for my student’s mom who was dying of Covid. She was on a ventilator and in a coma. Today my school received a phone call from this mom! She is completely off the ventilator and oxygen. She is still in hospital waiting for a rehab bed to open up. She needs rehab to learn to walk again because she was comatose for so long. Thank you for joining with me in praying for this woman and her family. Thank you Jesus for miracles!!
Pray for: Update-. My boyfriend Mike just went this eve to St. Joe's hospital in Tacoma. He had rapud heart rate. Has internal bleeding. Dr.s treating him now. Pray for good medical care & healing. Thanks!!
Pray for: Please continue to pray for my boyfriend Mike He finished radiation for cancer in his lungs. He was told the cancer was gone. He is very weak & having difficulty getting around. I am worried something else may be wrong. Pray for restored strength, medical help & wisdom for Dr's. Thanks. Lori
Pray for: Prayers for my friend Eddie Nieto and his family. Eddie has been in ICU for 40 days battling Covid. He needs healing in his body and lungs. Thank you 
Pray for: Need lots of prayer for a friend that is trying to break free from a relationship, that is sin laiden, controlling, manipulative, emotionally destructive, and suicidal on both parts. She wants to live her life for God but has too much shame and guilt holding her back. Please lift this up to our Precious Jesus🙏🎚. Thank you❣️
Pray for: Update: Please continue to pray for our 13yo grandson who has Covid and his younger 9yo brother who has it as well. They are both having discomfort and varied symptoms. It's been 1 week since symptoms and we're hoping that their symptoms start to diminish.
Pray for: Please pray for our soon to be 13yo (Jan. 28) grandson who tested positive for Covid this morning. Our daughter, son-in-law and 3 boys: (13, 9 & 6) live on the east coast by DC, so they are thinking this might be the UK variant. He has a fever, cough, fatigue, body aches and slight tightness in his chest. His cough started on Saturday and fever today. He is isolated at home and the whole family will have to stay quarantined until February 17 if no one else gets sick. He has had asthma since he was very little so his breathing is a concern.

Pray for: Please pray for my boyfriend Mike. He has starting radiation for cancer this week. He injured his back somehow & is going through Chiropractic treatment. He is in a lot of pain. Also pray for me, financial & health is issues. Thanks.

Pray for: I need healing from my headaches. 
Pray for: My mom has late stage early onset Alzheimer’s and has COVID and my daddy has prostate cancer which has spread and not normal. I’m 39 and feel so alone and scared my parents are dying. 
Pray for: Please pray for my daughter who is going through a custody battle for her son. The biological father has an extensive criminal record and we're praying that he will be held accountable for that and not be allowed unsupervised access to my grandson. Praying that my daughter will be blessed with victory, full custody and protection over my grandson.
Pray for: My brother Kenny Mohs passed away summer first at the age of 37 years old from coronavirus has hit me in the family really hard right now it's unreal nobody can believe it happened he was a light and so many people's eyes he was the nicest most generous person you would ever meet always give a lending and helping hand prayers are definitely needed for this family and this time of need thank you all and God bless
Pray for: Latest on my boyfriend Mike. Biopsy showed cancer in lymph nodes in lungs. Cannot do radiation but probably chemotherapy Waiting for Dr. to discuss treatment. Please pray for total healing. Thank you!
Pray for: One of my 3rd grade student’s mom, Adriana, is on a ventilator suffering from COVID. She is being moved to Portland for a treatment that may help her live. The ventilator is not working. Please pray for this family (8th grade, 6th grade and 3rd grade dad).
Pray for: Please pray for my husband, he is struggling with faith in people, trust and forgiveness due to being wronged repeatedly by others and I could just use help praying for him. Thank you so much. 
Pray for: Please pray for my daughter and 5 other coworkers from her work have COVID.
Pray for: Please say prayers for my fiancé Darrel Hodgins, he just found out today he has lung cancer on both lungs.
Pray for: Hi. I'm asking for a prayer request for my close friends John and Susie Harper. Susie was diagnosed with an illness that is progressively getting worse. She's in the hospital and is unable to communicate or move. John, her Husband, has been taking care of her and it's getting very difficult for him both physically and emotionally. Please pray for Susie's condition to be stabilized and that the Physicians and Nurses are able to treat and keep her stable and for John's physical and emotional being. Pray that the Lord will give him wisdom to differentiate when she needs a higher grade of care and they're able to keep Susie closer to their home in Kent, WA

Pray for: Please pray for my boyfriend Mike. He is going in Thurs for lung biopsy & removal of growth in lungs. A day surgery. Please pray for all to go well & for healing. Thank you! Liri

Pray for: Continued prayers for my boyfriend Mike Has been cancer free for over a year. But had blood clots, on medication. Now a growth found in lungs. Biopsy & procedure being scheduled within 2 wks. Thank you!! Prayer for my brother, a manager at Boeing who has had bad vertigo problems. Has a problem in jugular vein & diagnosis of vestibular mgraines. Seeing specialists this last week. Thanks alot! Praise God! 
Pray for: Please pray for our dear small group member, Brenda Leyda. Today her mom was diagnosed with cancer in her brain, liver, lungs and bones. Brenda's very close to her mom. Thank you for praying! ~Kathy Bowe 
Pray for: My son and his roommates who lives in Minot ND while attending school has tested positive for Covid. He is feeling fine with no symptoms. His girlfriend has tested negative but has been experiencing symptoms. She is from Canada and now can’t even go home. Please pray for healing for all and comfort for all us moms so far away from our babies not able to do anything but pray.

Pray for: My Sister-In-Law, Laurie's, Husband Greg, suffered a two strokes and seizures yesterday. This family has suffered a lot of illness within their family this year. I ask for prayers for all the members of their families at this time for health, healing and peace during this trying time. Greg has had surgery and the Doctors can't remove the blood clot from his brain and he has fluid on his brain also. He is able to talk but has very slurred speech. Thank you all for your prayers!!!

Pray for: Please pray for my husband. His contract at work is ending in May and there doesn’t seem to be a way for him to stay where he is-he loves where he’s at. There aren’t a lot of other openings at this time and the stress of being our sole income weighs on him. This adds to his ongoing anxiety/depression and he doesn’t trust in God.

Pray for: Please pray for Mike. CT scan shows a couple spots on lungs. Also healing from blood clots in legs. Thank you

Pray for: Please pray with our family as we are selling our current home and buying a new one. There are a few hiccups, please help us put our full trust in Jesus and May the rest of this process go smooth.

Pray for: Please pray for my family and myself. I am overwhelmed with stress. My father has Parkinson's disease and this shut down due to the virus has caused him to decline rapidly. I have two days to find him an Adult Family Home to live in. My son has been in the ER multiple times this week for neurological issues and we don't have a diagnosis yet. My 7th grade daughter is falling so far behind in school due to remote learning. I just can't find any time to help her. I am also working from home and my job is extremely demanding right now.

Pray for: Prayer for my family and myself. My husband, Larry, passed away on the 24th. 
Pray for: Can you please Pray for my family as we have been dealing with a lot of stress lately. I pray that I make the right decision regarding work and my family as I'm forced to choose between working and staying home with my daughter how is struggling with this remote schooling. Pray for me as a father that I make the right choice. Also, pray for my wife as during these past few weeks she has felt like a worthless parent to our kids because they are struggling with the new way school is.
Pray for:  I've been really struggling financially emotionally and physically my job is very demanding and I'm trying to figure out if I want to do that for the next 30 years or move to something else just bought a house has been a little overwhelming which is causing me to be a little snappy with my family and stressed out I've been trying to turn to my Bible kind of God I attend the virtual church on Sundays last Sunday service really hit home thank you guys for everything that you do thank you for all your prayers me and my family pray for you guys everyday I hope you guys have a blessed day and thank you for your time signs the saeger family.
Pray for:  Please pray for my mom-in-law. Having only liability coverage, her ins won’t cover the $4000 repair needed after someone stole the catalytic converter out of her car while she was at work. It’s a public parking lot so no one else will cover it. The car isn’t really worth the fix and she doesn’t have the finances to buy new at this time (we’re also paying to have a new furnace installed this week). She has a car to drive, but it also requires some pricey fixes if it will become her main vehicle. 
Pray for:  Please pray for my health, and stress release. Thank you 
Pray for:  Please pray for my brother who has a recurrent problem with vertigo. CT scan, Friday & more neurological tests coming. He is a Christian. Please pray for a correct dx and a complete healing.. Thank you so much!! Lori
Pray for:  Prayer Report Hi! Thanks for prayers. I asked for prayers a few months ago for my boyfriend Mike. He is doing pretty well. The Dr. Says He has no more blood clots in lungs, still some on leg s. Cont to be on blood thinners for another 5-6 mo. Appreciate cont healing. for blood clots in legs. Healing for heart arrythmia, is not real bad but is there. We are both Christian's. God bless,, Thanks,. Lori
Pray for:  Appreciate prayers for my sister in law, Sandi, a healthcare worker in adult senior home & has Covid. She, my brother & 2 kids are quarantined at home for 2 weeks. Thanks! Lori
Pray for:  hubby and I have both our moms living with dementia, they are in assisted living homes. We have only been able to see them through the window. Mom-in-law got covid, came through that, got pneumonia,is doing well PTL, she is 95. We pray for her salvation (she's been Buddhist all her life) but has heard of Jesus. My mom loves Jesus and just wants to go home. She is 93, and doesn't understand why her family doesn't come visit, (inside).its heartbreaking. Prayer please for our hearts,in their "departure" we know is inevitable, but still will be difficult. Thank you
Pray for:  Tonight we found out that our kids great uncle (he’s more of a grandpa to them) has been taken off life support. They’ve been told he won’t make it through the night. We have been praying for them that they will find God. Tonight they need prayer and comfort. We are also praying God can use this to allow us a chance to talk more about God and their own salvation. Our kids names are Breanna, Hope, Zach, Aunya and Lexi. His name is Brent and his wife’s name is Janae. Please pray for peace for all and give Jason and I the right words to say and to know how to be there for them. 
Pray for:  My wife and I just returned from the Dr. and giving a blood sample from our 4 week old baby boy. Initial newborn blood test, and a follow up, both came back out of range indicating cALD. CALD is a fatty acid condition that ultimately effects the nervous system. Apparently this result can be due to an insufficient amount of blood to test. We are praying that the blood just given for the genetic test comes back clean. Please pray for our little man.
Pray for:  Five month’s ago I discovered my colon cancer returned and I started chemo again. Since it has returned the Drs. have gone to management mode which they say can go on for years. I am at peace with this. Let God’s will be done. I would like prayers for my wife VALORIE and the rest of my family for God’s grace and peace for whatever the outcome of this is
Pray for:  I found out in February that my colon cancer has returned in my colon and my lungs. I am going through chemo for the third time. I am in a good place with my faith and God’s will be done, but I would appreciate prayers for my family because I am not entirely sure where they are emotionally. I would like prayers for them for peace and acceptance no matter what happens. Thank you
Pray for:  Can you please pray for my insomnia.I pray every night, but it isn’t helping. Thank you
Pray for:  My daughter, Isabella Bogen is in the hospital with unexplained abdominal pain. Please pray for the doctors and for her to have the strength to persevere. Thank you so much.
Pray for:  Please pray for a new job or for current employer to Treat me better. She is very difficult to deal with & is demeaning. I need the income to support myself. Thank you!
Pray for: Me and my family are in the process of buying a house and a processor called us yesterday saying that there was a condition i must met before they're allowed us to proceed with closing I said I pay off my student loans from 2011 which I thought was already paid off I just want a family to have their forever home
Pray for: Please pray for my boyfriend Mike for total healing. He has multiple blood clots, legs & lungs, & is taking anti clotting meds. He had previous kidney cancer. Today He has some blood in urine & waiting at Urgent care for results tonight. Hope nothing serious. Thank you so much!

 Pray for: Prayers for my sister and family. She was admitted to the hospital this week and we are waiting for diagnostics to figure out what is going on. It is a pretty bad situation and the whole family is struggling. Any prayers and good thoughts our way would be greatly appreciated.

Pray for: For my mom. I am heart broken over this... She is in the hospital for the second time this week. She has a stage 2 open wound on her backside and a UTI. Her live in boyfriend is not able to give her the care she needs. She is unable to walk much and really needs 24/7 care. They are both refusing any help from my siblings and me. Dishonesty and deception with her health and condition are prevalent with both of them. APS is involved. We are wanting her to relocate back into Oregon (they are in N. California) so we can hopefully get Medicaid started and to be closer to family. He is refusing, she is fearful and just agrees with him. Oh! Help us Jesus! I just want my sweet mom to be well taken care of and not put down or treated disrespectfully. Please pray for strongholds of pride, anger, resentments, bitterness and control issues to be annihilated. For the chains of willful resistance to be broken. For healing on moms ailments... in the Name of Jesus! Thank you♥️ *She (Eleanor) just turned 83 on the 5th and He (Will) is 84. Thank you❣️
Pray for: Been struggling a lot. with going through process of buying a house we're just now getting back to work a month ago things are starting to look up. I feel myself full of anger I'm always stressed out and snapping at my family I just want somebody to pray for love peace and Harmony in my family prayers for everybody is struggling right now
Pray for: Please pray for my wife Patsy Aguilar. While delivering food to the workers at Emerald Downs she fell and fractured her humerus. Show will follow up with the Orthodontist in 2 weeks. Praying for no surgery, no injury to rotator cuff, and supernatural healing that only God can provide. Thank You 
Pray for: Feeling a lot of stress lately and huge falling out with some of my family members. I pray for peace and understanding. I pray for peace for my mother and guidance for her moving forward. 
Pray for: I am still worried about my aunt Millie Senior from England, who has been currently sufferering from dementia that destroyed her memory, because she hasn't eaten a lot of healthy foods like nuts to prevent that serious disease. In order to keep her brain active, alive and strong, please send her all of those healthy brain foods to fight the mental health issue, slow and prevent Alzheimer's such as: Spinach and Other Leafy Greens Champagne (with Some Caveats) Berries nuts Coffee and Caffeine Dark Chocolate Turmeric Fatty Fish Cinnamon Other Vegetables Please help my cousin Rosemary Senior, her daughter, restore my aunt Millie Senior's brain health and her memory loss, because she needs more healing for her human brain from dementia that keeps stealing away her precious life, remember my mother, Monica Maitland, her sister, who is not a stranger to her, move on to bigger and better things, help her enjoy life more often and then help her to embrace life after the death of the late Rupert Senior, my uncle.
Pray for: Lower back pain from Old Football injury - At home in the chair 9 hours on the computer for work has caused a flair up - I appreciate your prayer for Jesus' healing touch
Pray for: I’m struggling with some dark thoughts, sin and temptation, and I feel like I’m going crazy. I pray for peace in my head, God’s word to be on my heart, and to be consumed by his truth rather than temptation. 
Pray for: Our friends son was pinned to a house by a car and his leg was shattered and arteries were severed last night (5/15). He's in surgery now.
Pray for: I would so appreciate some prayer, for my sweet mother, in an assisted living facility, she is 2weeks shy of 93 yrs young. this Covid stuff has wreaked havoc, for most, but those with dementia-- over the top. its awful. I have to work, live in Tacoma, she is in Pt Orchard, feels so desperately lonely, and forgotten I'm sure. it is my sister and myself, and she calls us many times in a row, asking us to please come get her out of there, where she knows nobody,and doesn't know what to do. being a parent, how can they feel this way, always there to protect us growing up, and now, I can do nothing to alleviate her stress and anxiety. I offer prayer, I tell her how much Jesus loves her, and it seems to calm her. at the moment she isn't talking of dying, but previously she has. she is so ready, knows where she's going, why God has her still here, is the mystery, pray please for the peace that passes all understanding, for her, and me.. I have cried all morning. we have visited her at the window, with video chat. its great at the moment, later she forgets,and calls us, thinking we forgot her. oh LORD, how can that lovely brain He made, be all turbulent now..? how... how I dislike this dementia, and alzheimers.. how difficult for all... thanks. 
Pray for: My grandmother was rushed to the hospital this week and they think she has liver failure. Please pray that she can come home and live a healthy life. 
Pray for: A good friend fell and tore her hamstring and injured her shoulder. Please pray for healing and protection from Covid as she seeks treatment. 
Pray for: Things have been tough, as it has been for everyone. But on top of this my faith has been shaken, I’ve felt further away from God than I normally do. And to be able to fix this I would normally go to church. So being distant in the church - while watching online but feeling alone - has only made it tougher. I live with my parents and I feel they are disappointed in me and what I’ve been doing during this time although I’ve been using it to find myself and hope for a new job opportunity in a career related to my passion of editing. My dad is also a frontline employee so he’s been working through this all and has been stressed beyond belief with everything. It’s a lot to pray for, but I just need some help in this one.
Pray for: Still not working due to an injury. Prayers my disability continues. Or I’m accepted for unemployment/due to injury or medical. Prayers for hubby while he has to go to work cuz he’s essential.
Pray for: My cousin Karen has terminal cancer and going through chemo. Please pray that she gets her appetite back so she can remain strong.
Pray for: I return back to work tomorrow.  pray that I don't get sick going out there working construction and bring it home to my family.
Pray for: Please pray for some family friends who lost their son in a car accident on Saturday. Family is in deep grief.
Pray for: Please pray for my son. He has had some medical problems and is seeing a neurologist this month. Please pray for healing and strength. Thanks.
Pray for: My friend/co worker (Kim/38 yrs old) has ovarian cancer. A grueling surgery she just had has damaged her bladder, so they’re having to push back the start of her chemo treatments. She’s afraid & in pain. Pray for healing & peace for her & that God will speak through me to bring her comfort. Thank you!
Pray for: Prayers for strength and perseverance to care for the needs of my family and myself as I go through cancer treatment. Prayers for upcoming tests and starting chemotherapy. God is the healer and we are trusting him for this journey through cancer.
Pray for: Please pray for a dear friend who is an emotionally abusive situation in her home. Thank you 
Pray for: Please pray for one of my Program Managers. Her name is Tammie. She goes into surgery next Thursday, and will be out for 2-4 weeks. I don't know what the surgery is for, but she is a cancer survivor. 
Pray for: Please pray for my son Cory and wife Tori they both work at Swedish Hospital As CNAs while studying to be nurses there. They have a 3 and a 1 year old please pray for safety for their family! 
Pray for: Please pray for my students that God keep them safe and healthy during this time. Also for me that I stay healthy and can stay positive.
Pray for: My cousin Karen has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She is having a biopsy tomorrow to determine how long she has and if any treatment can help. Please pray for her and her family. Thanks.
Pray for: Pray for my husband who is struggling with his self image and worth. Prayers that his depression will subside.
Pray for: My son Cory and his wife Tori have 2 little ones and they both work at Swedish Hospital taking care of the sick. Please pray for them and their safety
Pray for: Don’t know where to start , asking for prayers. This stay at home is actually the least of my worries. I think I could handle it if it was just that. I work for the school district and have worked every day helping put together the sack lunches. My husband is able to work from home since his job involves college sorority and fraternity dining services. He is still working but the canceled the bonuses that would have been paid out the end of this month. We have been struggling financially ever since he was out of work for An entire year. Once he started working our income was half of what it used to be and we had blown through all of our reserves and have been living paycheck to paycheck maybe even falling a little behind. My husband also has some serious medical conditions, he is a dialysis patient and developed endocarditis last year and is in need of a valve replacement. We have found out that he has had 2 possible remote exposures to people that have come into contact with people that tested positive for the virus. He has had a low fever the past 2 nights but is not unheard of for his conditions. He has also been extra stressed this week because we discovered our crawl space was flooded with over a foot of water and that we most likely have a broken mainline. We currently have no water coming into the house except when we turn it on for brief periods of time. We have to wait until Monday to get the estimate for this repair but know it won’t be cheap. The water removal may be covered by our homeowners insurance but the main repair won’t be covered. We have no idea how we will cover this cost. My mother has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and we’re in the early stages of finding out what that will entail. I’m her main support person since she lives alone and no longer drives. It is just so much hitting at once. I’m trying to stay strong. In theory I know it’s in God’s hands and he has us and will work all things for his good, but I’m tired and scared and anxious and not sure how much more I can take. Please pray for us to remain faithful and for calming of our anxiety strength to persevere and for health.
Pray for: I start chemotherapy this Thursday. 60 days of treatment and no way to care for my wife and myself during this time. Stuck indoors and worried sick. We’ve lost our income due to the virus. 
Pray for: I have always had a problem reaching out and accepting from other people and at this isolating time I ask for strength and wisdom to Help me reach out and stay in touch with my church family.
Pray for: A family friend who lost a loved one to Covid-19. Pray for protection over her home and spiritual healing for the family.
Pray for: My neighbors. Everyone seems to be afraid where I live. I want people to know the hope of Jesus.