Every next step counts

Following Jesus is about... well... following. One step at a time.

Below is a list of next steps that we encourage you to take as you live a life of following Jesus.

We highly encourage you to take these next steps in the context of community (in other words, join a House Church or a Meet-Up if you haven't already).

Catapult Adventure Park

Our middle & high school students are meeting at Catapult Adventure Park in Federal Way on April 20th, at 5:45 pm in place of our usual youth group gathering! Don't miss this!

Fill out a Connect Card

If you're new(ish) to Brooklake, we want to know about it. Fill out a Connect Card today to let us know you're here, and to give us a bit of information about you and the season of life you're in.

We promise not to be weird about it.

Join a Team

Our Teams are the heartbeat of our ministry to this city. As our church family grows in number and devotion, we need all the help we can get.

We've got positions available for all kinds of schedules, skillsets, and personalities. You can check out our full listing below.

Attend a Meet-Up

Meet-Ups are one-time and recurring opportunities to gather around the things you love.

Anyone can attend or host a Meet-Up, and because some of the Meet-Ups are one-time events, the list is always changing.

Join a House Church

House Churches are local gatherings that happen all throughout the week. They all look a little different depending on their context, but all House Churches are led by biblically qualified leaders, pray together, eat together, read the Bible together, live on mission together, and build genuine relationships together over the long-haul.

Get the weekly emails

Every week, we send out a couple emails to help you stay connected and engaged. The first email is written by our Communication Team, giving you opportunities and announcements for the week ahead. The second email is written by one of our pastors, giving you a preview of the upcoming Sunday.

Emails go out at 9:15am on Monday's and Friday's.

Get baptized

Baptism is a public declaration of your faith in Jesus Christ. It's not what saves us, it gives glory to the one who saves us.

As you go down into the water, you're declaring your own death. Death to your way of doing things. Death to your own efforts to be holy. Death to your striving. Death to your idea of success.

And as you come up out of the water, you're declaring a new life in Jesus. Washed clean. Made pure. With a whole new outlook and on a whole new mission. All because of what King Jesus accomplished on that cross.

Give to the mission

All the good stuff we're able to do on and off this campus is a direct result of the generosity of our church family.

It's really helpful if you give online, and it's even more helpful if you sign up for recurring giving. Whether you're able to give $5 or $5,000, recurring giving allows us to write a budget and plan for the future.

Read good books

We've compiled a list of our favorite books (including our favorite Bible translation), all in one place. These books will help you grow in your devotion to Jesus, your love for people, and your understanding of God. 

Start following Jesus

If you've decided to become a disciple of Jesus, your next step is baptism.

Baptism is a public declaration of your faith in Jesus Christ. It's not what saves us, it gives glory to the one who saves us.

Request prayer

At Brooklake, we believe prayer changes things. So we pray regularly for the needs of those in our community.

You can submit prayer requests, and pray for other people, by clicking the button below.