We want you to feel at home at Brooklake. If you're looking to get more involved with our church family, Growth Track is your next best step. Join us every Sunday of the month for one of our four classes:

stepONE | get to know us

If you’re new to faith, church, or just new to Brooklake, this is the best place to start. You’ll learn the history, vision and values of Brooklake, and how to best connect within our church. You’ll have an opportunity during stepONE to explore becoming a member of our church family.

first Sunday of the month // 12:15pm in the Coffee Shop

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stepTWO | discover your design

In stepTWO we’ll discover your personal design. God made you with a purpose, with talents and skills, and with spiritual gifts. We want to help you learn more about yourself so that you can flourish the way God intended you to.

second Sunday of the month // 11:00am in room #109

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stepTHREE | develop your leadership

In stepTHREE, we’ll discuss leadership. Biblical leadership does not require a job title, a salary, or letters after your name. So what does it require? Come find out! We want to help you become the leader God intended you to be.

third Sunday of the month // 11:00am in room #109

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stepFOUR | join the team

Our vision for you is not that you would sit in a seat every Sunday and serve where we need help. Your purpose is so much greater than that! Taking what you’ve learned so far in Growth Track, we want you to make a difference doing something you’re not only good at, but something you love. Come hear about our areas of ministry, and find out how you can join the team!

fourth Sunday of the month // 11:00am in room #109

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